Ankle Brace 2.0

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Braces are universal to fit left or right foot

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Born from the bmx and mountain biking world, the Space Brace ankle brace offers incredible support for all leisure and sport activities including snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding, football, hockey, hiking and many more!

The best just got better!

Space Brace 2.0 key features:
Makes application simple and fast. Just undo the velcro easy grips, slip your foot in, and pull across. That’s it!
Prevent ankle bruising and other types of injuries from bashing your crank arm, or just hitting your ankles on anything!
The extra supportive top ankle brace cuff is now detachable for more an even more customizable fit and option.
Plus all the features you’ve come to expect from a Space Brace:
  • Superior ankle support
  • Non-bulky, sleek design
  • Comfortable fit in any footwear, boot or binding
  • All braces are universal to fit left or right foot
  • Unisex

Additional information

Weight 1.01 kg
Dimensions N/A
Brace Quantity

Single (1), Pair (2)

Brace Size (US Men’s)

Extra Small (shoe size 6 & under), Small (shoe size 6.5 – 9.5), Medium (shoe size 10 – 12), Large Brace (shoe size 12.5 +)

27 reviews for Ankle Brace 2.0

  1. Thomas (verified owner)

    Best ankle brace I have tried. Super comfortable, easy and fast to put on. The only thing i would change is make the straps have a shorter length option. My skinny feet make it a bit harder to get the ideal compression.

  2. Danil

    looks cool, comfortable to wear, holds foot well, alleviates tailwhip pain

  3. Mika Baumann

    I had the first Ankle Brace and it was great but the 2.0 is just incredible with the plastic inserts and the quick lace the use of these is easy and it saved my ankle many times i can just recommend this product?

  4. Jonny (verified owner)

    Best ankle braces a have ever had and so easy and fast to put on!

  5. Jessica (verified owner)

    Wouldn’t trust my ankles in any other brace. Stylish comfy rad logo who doesn’t like space? Best support around. Favorite part is the removable guard for when you want a little less stiffness. Get yourself a pair and get a sticker or 7 while You’re at it.

  6. John Kirkhope

    Keeps you safe and looks good.

  7. Zaine (verified owner)

    Bought these a little bit ago and have been using them a lot. Super comfy and the new lace system is way better than the old version. Stiff enough for impacts and support while being comfy enough to wear all day!

  8. Bailey

    This has definitely saved my ankle a couple of times would recommend to anyone with ankle issues on the trail

  9. Bailey

    This has definitely saved my ankle a couple of times would recommend to anyone with ankle issues on the trail.

  10. Sam jones (verified owner)

    The best in the business! Look awesome and feel bang on, wouldn’t trust my ankles in anything less

  11. Jake warfield

    Best brace ever, so much support but great mobility at the same time, perfect for getting sendy and hitting some big stuff!!

  12. max taylor (verified owner)

    buying space brace has saved my ankles multiple times while trying new tricks and also has given me the confidence to try new things and push my riding

  13. bev

    gives me so much more confidence when i ride, and feel so comfortable!

  14. Jason (verified owner)

    I cant be more stoked with my space brace 2.0. I had to get one do to a mystery pain in my right ankle. Since getting mine I haven’t had any more pain. The brace is very easy to use and goes on quick with little effort. I have used it for work and riding. Fits well inside my riding shoes and my work boots. Once the brace is worked in you start to not even notice it’s on. I highly recommend this brace to anyone that needs one

  15. George syme

    Sooooo good!

  16. Trace

    I don’t have the braces but I’ve tried them and I can feel so much of a difference I have hurt my ankle before and I know I can rely on the braces to protect my ankle. Best ankle braces out there.

  17. Nate James (verified owner)

    Best ankle braces ever, works for every style of riding and more, insanely easy to use and wildly comfortable, ankle doesn’t even get hot in it, without these my ankles probably wouldn’t exist anymore. Great product with great protection and comfort.

  18. Etha

    They are the most comfortable braces I have ever used and really help keep my ankles in place when they should really just be broken. I would recommend to anyone recovering from injury or if you ride some pretty gnarly stuff and need some top tier ankle support

  19. Santiago Andrés Castro Londoño

    I have never had the opportunity to wear them, I would love to, actually I broke my left foot I was injuried and that was why I know space braces are the Best ankles savers, they look comfortable, super well designed, tested by pros that ride bmx and take it to another level like Mike gray and dennis, the logo looks amazing and simply those are the Best braces I have ever known.

  20. Berk

    I love them. The best ankle braces ever. They look good and they are really comfortable. They saved and protected my ankles a lot. They didn’t just save my ankles from twisting but they also provide protection for impacts from the side. Really happy to wear them. Hands down the best.

  21. Jacob Brinton

    Worth every penny! These ankle braces immediately became and essential part of my riding bag. Wearing them gave me the confidence I needed to get back on my bike after a tough ankle injury and ill always suggest them to anyone looking for a little extra protection & ankle support.

  22. Caleb Pitts

    By far the most advanced, well thought out ankle braces. They have saved me time after time as well as supporting my ankles through all of my recovery time. Spacebrace is by far the most visibly appealing, and comforting all round. I’ve been using my current pair of the first release for about 2 years now and I’ll never use another brand.

    – Caleb ?

  23. George Janes

    Been through a couple of ankle pads which haven’t quite done the job, was recommended space brace and haven’t turned back since, won’t need to change ankle pads or ankles ever again. Best of the best for sure ??

  24. Sean

    My ankles were constantly bruised and scratched every ride. Not until I got these, with these I could take a sledgehammer to the ankle and walk away. These have improved my confidence in riding letting me ride harder, and I have never hurt my ankle since. I even use them for trail building, as it has saved me Rolling an ankle multiple times on things.

  25. Jordan Richardson

    i’ve tried out many ankle braces and these are by far the best to just wear to help get you back on your bike. they are also so helpful when it comes to preventing any ankle injuries and they really help in high impact situations. i definitely recommend these to anyone who has had prior ankle injuries or just wants to prevent them from happening in the future. the 2.0’s are made to be put on so much easier and they really perfected the design on this one.

  26. Tom long

    The braces are insane so comphy and extremely supportive at the same time really improves the session and it makes it 100x more enjoyable

  27. Will (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! This is an a awesome company very easy to work with customer service is top notch! The brace not only looks cool but is comfortable and easily fits into my regular size shoe. Downhill season is just around the corner can’t wait to get after with these new 2.0’s.

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